use_name_as_alias - GAIM 2.0 script

DOWNLOAD: use_name_as_alias v0.5 -- Script that reads a Gaim 2.0 blist.xml file and assigns aliases based on the contact's name, but only for contacts without a locally user-defined alias. Gaim 1.5 had this feature by itself, built-in (use_server_alias=0 and use_alias_for_title=1), but they removed this feature.

Of course, you can revert all changes this script does. For this, the revert operation is used. For 'revert' to work, the 'assign' operation adds an AliasFromName element for each buddy that is modified. That element is removed when reverting the operation.

Someone may write a plugin, but I was in a hurry (more than 500 contacts, and I remember them all by name, not by alias, so, well I used the excellent ElementTree package from:

The ElementTree package can be downloaded from there. It is packaged with this script solely for availability purposes.

Hope this script is useful for you!

Author: Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman (Spanish) (English)