My Freshmeat Subscriptions is a set of two (for now) python scripts to save in XML format your list of subscribed projects, and the full xml record of each one of those projects, respectively.


Contents of README file:

This is the README file for version 0.2 of "My Freshmeat Subscriptions",
a set of python scripts released under the GNU GPLv2.

First of all, open up in a text editor.
Around line 67, you have to define username and password. Once there, save,
exit, and run ./ subs.xml

Your subscriptions will be stored in subs.xml like this:

<freshmeatsubscriptions len="4">
<project url=">ProjectName 1</project>
<project url=">ProjectName 2</project>
<project url=">ProjectName 3</project>
<project url=">ProjectName 4</project>

Then, you can use, to create a new XML file that contains
the whole XML record for each project in subs.xml:

./ subs.xml fullsubs.xml

During execution, you might see that some projects show an error. This might
be because of a number of reasons, but usually http or freshmeat-related.
For example, a project might not be available for public view. A summary is
shown at the end of the script's execution.

Now open up the fullsubs.xml file, and check it out. I've added a "name" 
attribute to the <project> Element, as to ease finding a certain
project's record.

Why might be asking why I splitted between get_ and fill_, or between a
short and a full XML file. Simple: Some people might not desire to save
an awful lot of information initially, or they might just wish to have
their list of subscribed projects only, not their full data.

For example, I'm subscribed to exactly 500 projects (as of 20070101), and my result is 23kb only. But my fulldesc.xml file is 1.5
megabytes :P - Ok, well, is not that much, but... well, I just hope
Freshmeat doesn't NUKE me!

Use this reasonably.