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Hi, my name is Arturo Busleiman, but most people in the community call me Buanzo. I am and old-school gnu+linux user that enjoys programming (mostly C and PHP), writing (technical and literature) and guitar playing. I've had the pleasure of meeting Richard Stallman, Maddog Hall, Roger Dingledine (of the TOR project) and Vinton Cerf (Who, after getting to know what I've done said 'you are the perfect example of why I wanted to create all this' (IPv4 -> internet) - This last comment made me quite proud.

I have a 3+ year son, called Damian Ezequiel Busleiman Negri, who was nicknamed Debian by the Argentinian FOSS community. You can check one nice picture HERE or a quite-old (pre 1y) gallery HERE.

Among the stuff I've done for the FOSS movement are contributions to Nmap, Audacity, Samba-vscan, and MPRL, which has recently been included in SourceMage GNU/Linux.

To tell you the truth, what I enjoy the most is Security: I've contributed to SANS' TOP-20 2004 and 2005, took part in the forming of OISSG, and my rootkits article has been featured all over the Internet (I still don't know why!), and as I work for no company, the only security event I've been invited to was Bolivia's International Hacker Convention, where I gave a speech regarding Covert Channels.

Oh, well, one more thing: I'm working on a multiplatform frontend for Gentoo GNU/Linux's package-management system (Portage). You can check out the page at

I will be updating this page, so keep coming.

Multi-Protocol Remote Login 0.3.0

MPRL is, let's say, a 'login' utility, as it is configured through mingetty's --login parameter , or similar. MPRL gets and analyzes what the user types at the login: prompt, then it performs a remote or local login request. It syntax follows the [protocol:]user[@host][:port] fashion. These are valid 'logins':

  • buanzo - Normal local login: /bin/login gets called.
  • - SSH protocol by default: /usr/bin/ssh gets called

Feel free to drop by the project's Freshmeat page.

Of course, you can just download the tarball from here.

2600 Meetings

2600 - The Hacker Quarterly magazine has international meetings every month, and if you visit Buenos Aires (Argentina), you'll need to know how to reach us.

Articles I've written or took part of

English-language authors I've known recently

I've been reading Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Engdahl. I recommend that you visit her site and check out the FAQ section, as she was an early assembly programmer! Excellent writer, too ;)

The Dead Series - Bizarre old-school bbs humor

Have you ever dialed a BBS? Are you a Golden Age user? Ever been a Sysop and wished to kill one (or several) of your users? This is for you!

The History of the BBS User
The Sequel from HELL
Our Heroes enter Cyberspace OR Ghosts in the Machine OR The return of Joe Blow and George Tush
Revenge of the siberian dwarf teenage mutant ninja samurai BBS girls from hell with hormones that go bump (or bang, if you prefer) in the night OR Dawn of the turgid members (a romance)
Raiders of the Lost Byte OR The Hal 9000 goes THUD!
The Undiscovered Country OR How We Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Being Bombed

As a side-note, I've met Dedaparamaxx, and got him to marry one of my best female friends. They married in Argentina, and I was the Best Man. Additionally, I'm a character in DEAD VII, still unreleased (unfinished, actually).